I’m always on the lookout for digital content creators (bloggers, Instagrammers, etc.) to inspire and inform my personal interests, and also as prospective partners for the brands I work with. As fitness and fashion have converged in the apparel world, I have an eye toward creatives who cover both. For brands, the expectations are high so I look at the whole picture—authenticity, credibility, a strong voice, a beautiful aesthetic, an engaged following and reach.

Although the integration of advertising and commerce with content doesn’t bother me at all (disclaimer: I make my living in that world), I’m starting to shy away from bloggers who only do sponsored content. There’s a whole ‘nother story about that topic, for both brands and bloggers, but we’ll hold on that. For now, I’d like to shine the light on some digital creatives who are doing great work at the intersection of fitness and fashion.

If you have favorites, please chime it!


Cycling is an amazing way to stay fit and enjoy the outdoors. But can we talk about road cycling apparel? I get it—those shiny, skin-tight fabrics and loud designs have a function that can’t be sacrificed. Still, I can’t bring myself to wear that stuff. Silly, yes, but that’s my true confession. On the other hand, urban cyclists and commuters are stylish! I’m seeing more brands emerge to target the growing number of bike commuters, especially in cities with bike share programs.  Here are some favorite blogs on the pulse of bike style.

BIKE PRETTY. San Francisco girl Melissa Davies has a background in fashion design and cruises the bay area in distinctive style—vintage with a modern, urban twist. I discovered Bike Pretty while searching for stylish helmets (many of the cute ones are made for kids!) and have followed ever since. After launching a line of handmade leather satchels and wallets, Bike Pretty evolved to include curated commerce and content. I also follow on Instagram and Pinterest to learn about fashionable brands and fun events. (Melissa wins the award for best animated gif wedding announcement ever.)

Other notables covering cycle style: Bike Stylish, Eleanor’s, Preferred Mode


Now and again we all need a nudge to get sweaty, and cute new gear has always been a motivator for me along with workout ideas and healthy living tips. When I find a blog that has fitness, wellness and style inspiration, it gets a follow. Here are a handful currently in my RSS and Instagram feed.

HBfit. Hannah Bronfman is a hard-working entrepreneur, DJ, fashionista, and the creator of HBfit. Most of the twenty-something women I know live vicariously through this NYC fit girl via her Instagram, a mix of workout inspiration, healthy food, and glimpses into her charmed life. Recently Hannah appeared in the Banana Republic holiday campaign alongside her equally smart and intriguing guy Brendon Fallis.

Other notables covering fitness fashion: Mizzfit, Fitness on Toast, Pumps and Pushups