I approach most of life as a creative endeavor (which makes everything a lot more fun) and love the process of building and re-imagining. This combo comes in handy working with start-ups and emerging brands, where the ability to conceive, plan and execute is a must.

It also makes me a certified DIY fiend.

If you follow on Instagram, you’ve seen glimpses of BIGthinkster Lab as it’s under construction. There’s still work to be done, but the intent is to build a space where creative scientists gravitate to incubate, experiment, collaborate and think BIG. After lots of clearing out and organizing, prepping and painting, it’s evolving into a multifunctional workspace and photo studio. Some of the features include a Magic Chocolate Chalk Wall (see it in action here) and an adjustable desk that converts from sitting to standing to… (more to come on that).

Every surface in the space is subject to a creative makeover, with the goal to use what I have, up-cycle and build from scratch wherever possible. That’s what led me to a weekend project to remake the doors that disguise a (now) well-organized supply of creative and office supplies.

If you’re DIY inclined, read on. Nitty-gritty questions are welcome!

Chic Closet Doors for Less Than $150

DIY Closet Chic


Supplies for DIY Closet Door

Pearl Acrylic Panels ($115); Spray Paint ($15); Liquid Nails Adhesive, Clear ($5); Door Pulls ($10)

I purchased the acrylic panels at my local Tap Plastics store. They have many color, thickness and opacity options. I wanted something with a frosted look and enough opacity to hide the innards of the storage closet. The panels were cut to extend approximately 1″ beyond the inside opening of the frame.

Power Tools, Baby

Power Tools for DIY Closet Doors

The jigsaw is a must for this project, unless you’re freakishly skilled with a hand saw. You could get by with a screwdriver and a hand drill, and sand by hand.


    1. Place the doors on sawhorses and remove all hardware.
    2. To remove the slats, start by drilling a pilot hole next to the inside edge of the frame, large enough for the jigsaw blade. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out this video. Use the inside edge of the frame to guide a straight cut.
    3. Sand the frame where the slats have been removed. If necessary, fill gaps with spackling paste.
    4. Apply 2-3 coats of spray paint to the doors.
      DIY Closet Door
    5. Once the paint is completely dry, turn the doors over so the back is facing up. Center the acrylic panels behind the frame, and run a pencil around the edges.
    6. Remove the protective paper from the front of each acrylic panel. Set them aside.
    7. Doing one door at a time, run a thin line of of Liquid Nails along all four edges, keeping the glue closer to the outside edge (just inside your pencil line) of where the panel will sit.
    8. Position the acrylic panel in place. Apply hand pressure along all four sides to spread the glue.
    9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each door.
    10. Flip the panels over and use toothpicks (or something that won’t scratch the panels) to remove any glue that seeped through.
    11. Allow the glue to set with the panels laying flat on the ground. I stacked the panels on top one another, then stacked books on top so there was pressure to set the glue with a tight seal.
    12. Now the fun part — assembling the doors! Reattach any hardware you removed, add the  handles, remove the protective paper from the back of the acrylic panels, and rehang the doors.
Chic Closet Doors for Less Than $150

Peace, Love and Power Tools