New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

The Typical Runway Show at Fashion Week

Each year a smattering of designers break out of the Fashion Week standard and showcase their lines using atypical models and performances that reimagine the runway. This week, Carrie Hammer brought her inspiring Role Models Not Runway Models campaign to NYC, featuring actress Jamie Brewer as the first person with Down syndrome to grace the catwalk. She owned it. Grab your tissue and watch ↓

Old is the New Black

Advanced Style Quote

Damn right. People “of a certain age” are not fading away. For women (and men!) who have a thing for fashion and beauty, the passing of years does not diminish their interest— certainly not their style and beauty.

I’m noticing it’s often a younger generation who are pulling seniors out of the shadows and into the social media limelight. Like this inspiring story about photographer Zoe Spawton and her relationship with the most stylish 85 year-old dude on the streets of Berlin. And the popular blog Advanced Style featuring older fashion mavens photographed by Ari Seth Cohen, which just announced the “Old is the New Black” t-shirt collab with Fanny Karst.

More ageless style in the fashion world  Spring Fashion issue of New York Magazine features Joni Mitchell on the cover; Timeless Style: Joan Didion and the Familiar New Faces of Fashion

Models With Curves

There are no lack of headlines about the #CurvesInBikinis ad featuring Ashley Graham and the rookie appearance of Robyn Lawley as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Social media is a-buzz with conversation about “plus” labels and body diversity in the fashion and beauty industry.

There are also no lack of headlines (and conversations) about the low percentage of Sports Illustrated covers featuring women who are professional athletes and are not wearing a swimsuit.

More body diversity news in the modeling world → Photoshop-less image of Cindy Crawford makes waves (further proof that what you see on the interwebs should be viewed with skeptism); #EffYourBeautyStandards creator and model Tess Munster signed by Milk Management.

Models who are role models, models who are ageless, models representing different shapes and sizes… Is the fashion and beauty industry having an AH-HA moment? Time will tell, but cheers for the individuals and brands leading the charge who are not afraid to say ‪#EffYourBeautyStandards‬!