I’m excited to share this before and after transformation from a recent collaboration with Susy McBride, mega-talented interior designer and chief creative force behind Susy McBride Design.

For this retail remake, commissioned by the new owner of a Sonoma County pet store, Susy’s goal was to create an environment that felt modern and sophisticated, grounded in wine country rustic. The interior color palette needed to complement and balance the exterior colors (something we couldn’t change).

Enjoy the before and after loveliness below!


Susy McBride Design

Features: Corrugated steel framed in barn wood and topped with galvanized steel; new overhead lighting; brand identity integration; new paint reflecting brand colors.


Susy McBride Design

Features: New barn-style gated barrier and seating area so dogs and prospective adopters can freely get acquainted; new wood-trimmed merchandise display shelf outside the entrance; merchandise area featuring everything needed for a newly adopted dog, displayed in and above an upcycled dresser; new paint reflecting brand colors.


Susy McBride Design

(Don’t forget to close your barn door.)

Features: Lightweight sliding barn door conceals storage and adds character; new paint reflecting brand colors.


Susy McBride Design
Features: New wood-trimmed storage cabinets with overhead shelves; barn-style dutch door; non-slip floor; everything needed to beautify a four-legged customer in a spa-like atmosphere.


Brand Development by BIGthinkster Lab

Features: Barn wood texture with a flourish of elegance and whimsy complements the interior vision. Logo colors set direction for the interior colors.


Creative Force & Interior Design: Susy McBride Design
Building Contractor: Danny Bonnett
Brand Identity: BIGthinkster Lab

P.S. Speaking of remakes, BIGthinkster Lab just completed a transformation of Susy McBride Design’s digital space. Check it out at SusyMcBride.com.