NYFW: Evolution or Revolution?

Each season I follow New York Fashion Week with an eye on street style (mostly) and runway trends, and an appreciation for the creative expression that’s inspiring to people (like me) who love fashion. I’m also looking through the lens of social progress. Earlier this year I wrote about beauty diversity in the fashion and media world and highlighted one designer, Carrie Hammer, who chose role models to showcase her line—a theme she continued this season.

As designers are introducing their Spring 2016 lines this week, I’m seeing differing viewpoints about progress on the diversity front. Outlets like Mashable say this this is the most inclusive Fashion Week ever while Huffington Post says fashion has a diversity problem, and their #NYFW4all coverage is intended to disrupt.

I say the HuffPo perspective is closer to reality.  There’s evolutionary progress, but no revolution this season. What say you?

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In the spirit of shifting my “out with the old, in with the new” mindset

Between Fashion Week and regular consumption of style blogs, I’m developing a crush on colorful and elegantly embellished block heels. For example…

Embellished HeelsPhoto Credits (clockwise from top left): @nyfw Instagram (Suno NY), Atlantic Pacific (Vince), me (Sorel), Sea of Shoes (Armani)

So I did this, in less than 30 minutes, with shoes from my closet and nail polish from my stash…

DIY Shoes